Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
101 B.T.Road Providing of BT Road from Agri Gold House Premises in ward No.47 12/10/2015 Residents of Colony
102 C.C.Drain Repairs & Maintenance of 300mmcc Drain at D.No.68-86 to 68-76, 68-126 to 68-12, 68-128 to 68-70, 38-134A to 68-58, 38-110A to 38-115, 38-97 to Main road, 68-61 to main road, 38-131 to main road, 38-133 to culvert, 68-103 to main road culvert, 38-124 to 68-45 in Yerraburuju (Public toilet) in ward no.2 Residents of Colony
103 C.C.Road Providing of CC Patches from Municipal Corporation School 35 peta to (via Rambotla temple) Nagula Katta (toilets) in Kummarigeri in ward No.4 Residents of Colony
104 C.C.Drain Restoration of 300mm CC Drain from D.No.35/76 to 35/83 and CC Road from D.No.35/74-A to 35/76 beside in Kummari geri in ward No.4 and Construction of 300mm CC Drain from D.No.Opp.36/40-E-15c to 36/40-E-6-J in Chittari geri in ward No.7 Residents of Colony
105 WBM Road Formation of WBM Road from Nandyal road to Agrigold office via 87/1377-8, 87/1377-8 to 87/1183-3, 87/1183-3 to NDK road connection 87/1377-3 to 87/1385-4 and Construction of CC drain from Nandyal road to 87/1377-8 at Shesadri Nagar in ward No.20 12/06/2015 Residents of Colony
106 C.C.Drain Construction of CC Drain from D.No.E Pole No FCE-A/6-3 to 87/1095-40 to at 4th Class Employees colony in ward No.19 Residents of Colony
107 C.C.Road Providing of CC road and CC Drain&RCC Culvert from D.No.80/131-92-25 to 80/112-G-1 Abbas Nagar, Housing board colony near Ravindra High School in ward No.27 Residents of Colony
108 C.C.Drain Construction of 450mm CC Drain and Culvert from Dwarakamaiah apartment beside Balaji nagar in ward No.39 Residents of Colony
109 C.C.Road Providing of CC Road from 87/1000 to 87/999-1 and Construction of CC Drain from 87/1000 to E Pole No.GN-1/B-6 via 87-999-1 Rajeswari Nagar in ward No.21 12/10/2015 Residents of Colony
110 WBM Road Formation of WBM Road and Construction of CC Drain from E Pole No SHN-3/8 to 87/1362-1 at Chandrasekhar Nagar in ward No.20 12/10/2015 Residents of Colony
111 C.C.Road Laying of CC Road inside muslim burrial ground (near padmavathi gas godown) in ward No.29 Residents of Colony
112 C.C.Road Providing of CC Road at D.No.81/158-C1 to 81/158-C3-3 Gattaiah Naar (Parvathi Nagar in ward no.28 Residents of Colony
113 C.C.Road Providing of CC Road at D.No.81/17 to 81/58 Obullaiah Nagar in ward No.28 Residents of Colony
114 C.C.Drain Construction of CC Drain and formation of WBM Road from D.No.87/1079-1 to Opp 87-1037 in Ganesh Nagar in ward No.19 12/02/2015 Residents of Colony
115 C.C.Drain Construction of CC Drain from D.No.87/1103-8C to 87/1103-8A at 4th Class Employees colony in ward No.21 Residents of Colony
116 Maintenance Providing of Tar Felting over top of AC Sheet Roof at Indoor Stadium in ward No.50 Residents of Colony
117 C.C.Drain Construction of CC Drain from Plot No.28 to Plot No.25-A in Sai Nagar in ward No.30 Residents of Colony
118 Shed Providing of Temporary shed including bathroom and toilet and electricity and water supply arrangements to the night shelter at Narasimha Reddy nagar in ELSR premises. 11/04/2015 Residents of Colony
119 C.C.Drain Shifting of existing of CC Drain by constructing new CC Drain at Mother Theressa circle for Bus bay 11/06/2015 Residents of Colony
120 Sand Spreading of Sand in Edgha premises near Jammi chettu nad main road of Joharapuram Edgah Residents of Colony
121 Desilting Removal of wet silt from existing drain at Ganesh nagar, Somisetty nagar, Revenue colony and chandrasekhar nagar in ward no.19. Residents of Colony
122 Sand Providing of sand and spreading in New Edgah at Santosh nagar and near new bus stand in ward no.40 and 41. Residents of Colony
123 Desilting Maintenance of Main drains by Desilting in various places at 17th and 18th wards Residents of Colony
124 Desilting Maintenance of Main drains by desilting in various places at ward No.47 to 51 Residents of Colony
125 Desilting Maintenance of drains by removings wet silt in ward no.10 to 16 in old town area. Residents of Colony